About Our Blog

We created NCLAC’s Blog to share our thoughts, visions, accomplishments, and setbacks,  as well as the latest info on current, ongoing, and future projects. We not only want to practice an “open book” policy; we want to become better connected with the communities we serve. We are thrilled about NCLAC’s future and have a lot of exciting things planned. We are also looking forward to building relationships with those of you who participate in, believe in, and support the arts, and we hope this blog will serve as an open forum through which we can receive community feedback, whether it be thanks, commendation, constructive criticism, project ideas, or questions.

What You’ll Find Here

  • What we’re doing (programs, fundraisers, partnerships etc.)
  • Calls for artists, writers, & musicians (ours and others we know about)
  • Links to our sites, sponsors, partners, & members (10 displayed at random)
  • Support and promotion  for our members’ activities

Thanks for visiting, and we’d love to hear what you think! If you have arts-related news, please share it with us.


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