The Illustration of Design and Construction

                              The School of Architecture will present an exhibition featuring a selection of works of ephemera from the collection of Saul Zalesch, Professor of Art History at Louisiana Tech and curator of

What is ephemera? From its original meaning as something that is momentary or short-lived, it has come to refer to minor transient documents of everyday life that were not intended to be saved. This can include everything from accounting registers to party invitations and birth certificates to trading cards, but most often refers to printed materials with a purpose to explain an event or advertise a product. The artifacts selected for this exhibition represent resources and materials related to design and building construction trades. They range in date from the late 19th century to the middle of the 20th century. These ephemerae provide a fascinating insight into the development of technology and changes in lifestyle in an age of great cultural transformation. They also represent a cheerful celebration of the art of graphic design.

The School of Architecture is thrilled to have the opportunity to display these fascinating artifacts before they are shipped off to Delaware, where they will become part of the collection at the Library of Winterthur, the premier museum of American Decorative Arts. 

DATE:           January 23rd – February 13th, 2014

OPENING:    Thursday, January 23rd, 5 – 7pm

LOCATION:   Architecture Gallery, First Floor, Hale Hall

                       Louisiana Tech Main Campus

HOURS:         M – F, 8:30am – 5:00pm

                       Saturday, February 1st, 1 – 5pm


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