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marionette created in a Brush Hour program

One of our artist members, Christiane Drieling of Swirling Swirls, sent us her fall/winter schedule of classes for her Brush Hour studio program. For more information or to register for her classes,  please call her at 318-255-7422, or email her at

Welcome to the new Brush Hour  program, starting September 9!  I have planned lots of new classes, and I hope that you like what I have to offer this season.  There are afternoon classes for school children, “Wake up to Art” morning sessions especially for preschoolers, and evening classes for grown-ups.
You will find that the emphasis of my fall program is on preparing for the upcoming holidays, including Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. This is simply because I am German-born, and Christmas in Germany is quite an excessive yet festive celebration that lasts nearly six weeks. And each week is full of magical moments and heartwarming surprises. We call it the “Celebration of Love” because it focuses on community and family and has come to embrace all faiths.  Despite the commercial aspect of the festivities, many German families are holding on to beloved Christmas
traditions and will find some peace and quiet in their homes to make ornaments and window decorations or crafting handmade gifts. It is this spirit and the old crafts that I would like to share with you this season.

I have divided the grown-up classes into two parts to give you more flexibility during this busy time of the year. These parts complement (but do not build on) each other.

Also, I am offering drop-ins for children on Mondays and Tuesdays: You can bring your child for a single art session. Please call ahead to make sure there is space available.  For grown-ups and for school children I have 8 spaces available per class. For “Wake up to Art,”  I have planned smaller classes; that is, 4 spaces per class to allow for more individual attention. –  So reserve your spot and register soon! Registration is open now. For more detailed information please see the class descriptions below.
Looking forward to making fantastic art with you this season and wishing everyone a wonderful fall,
Christiane Drieling


Evening Classes for Grown-Ups:

German Christmas
In these classes, I will  share with you traditional Christmas crafts that I have learned
from my mother and grandmother. These crafts are still popular in German homes and essential for the anticipation of Advent and Christmas.

Part I:  Stars!
September 11 – October 16 (6 weeks)
Wednesdays, 7-9 pm
Using intricate folding techniques, I will show you how to make beautiful window decorations from colorful transparent paper.  Also, I will introduce you to the old crafts of making stars from straw and shaved wood.
Fee: $ 90 + $ 15 for supplies

Part II:  Wreathe the wreath
October 23 – December 11 (6 weeks; no classes the week before and of Thanksgiving)
Wednesdays, 7-9 pm
We will make a variety of whimsical ornaments from pine cones and nut shells, and create a delightful advent calendar that can be filled with new surprises year after year.  Then, you will learn how to make a  classic  advent wreath from natural greenery and be ready to light the first candle at home on December 1
Fee: $ 90 + $ 15 for supplies

If you register for both Part I and Part II, you  may take off 10 % of the total.

New Macramé

Remember the chunky lamp shades and pot hangers from the 70’s? That is not  what we are going to do, I promise! Instead I will show you some new irresistible project ideas based on the old techniques.  These items make beautiful gifts!

Part I:  Jewelry
September 13 – October 4 (4 weeks)
Fridays, 7-9 pm
To start with, we will combine macramé knots with bold beads to make shamballa bracelets. Originating in Tibetan culture, these bracelets have been around for centuries and used for buddhist meditative prayer. Beyond this meaning, they are quite popular and a fashion statement nowadays.  – After this warm-up you will learn more advanced knots and combinations to make unique necklaces and earrings.
Fee: $ 60 + $ 15 for supplies

Part II:  Ornaments and Baskets
October 18 – November 8 (4 weeks)
Fridays, 7-9 pm


ship project at Brush Hour

This class focuses on creating small decorative pieces such as owls, stars, and trees which can be made into ornaments or into charming pendants or key chains.  Also, we are going to make innovative little baskets from a variety of colorful materials.
Fee: $ 60 + $ 15 for supplies

If you register for both Part I and Part II, you may  take off 10 % of the total.

After-School Classes for Children 8 Years and Up:

Play Things
September 9 – October 28 (7 weeks; no class on October 10)
Mondays, 4-6 pm
Playful things for playful people! The children will invent board games and then build all the components from scratch. Of course, we are going to play the new games, too! Other projects include a school bus organizer with working wheels, and lovable sock alien.
Fee: $ 105 + $ 20 for supplies.

This class is open for drop-ins also. Children can join for single sessions, if space is available. Please call ahead. ($ 25 per single session)

Fiber Frenzy
September 9 – December 10 (11 weeks; no classes on Oct 8, and the week before and of Thanksgiving)
Tuesdays, 4-6 pm
Imagine all the amazing things we can do with yarns, threads, and fabrics. Among other projects, we are going to weave a tree, braid a monster, make a fabric bowl, sew an Indian pouch, knot a spider, and try some batik and felting. Many of these ideas are upcycling projects using old t-shirts as the main ingredient. Parents, if you like, you may send some of your outgrown or faded t-shirts with your child to use.   
Fee: $ 165 + $ 25 for supplies.

This class is open for drop-ins also. Children can join for single sessions, if space is available. Please call ahead ($ 25 per single session)

After-School Classes for Children 6 Years and Up:

November 4 + November 11
Mondays, 4-6 pm
For the weeks just before Thanksgiving I have prepared some  fun and interesting projects that will introduce the children to bits of native American culture and wisdom. First we are going to build a model of a Southwest American Indian pueblo and find out about its particular features. Then we will make coup sticks and shields of the Plains people and embellish them with authentic protective symbols.  
Fee: $ 30 + $ 10 for supplies

Walking with Lanterns
December 2 + December 9
Mondays, 4-6 pm
In late fall, when the days get shorter, German children like to gather to take their (handmade) paper lanterns for a walk through the night while singing old songs to the stars above. This tradition is still popular and quite magical, and something I would like to share in its entirety with your children.  
For this project the children are going to create colorful lanterns using special transparent papers that I have brought from Germany this year.  – As an option, parents (and siblings and friends) are invited to come and join the children on December 9 at 6 pm for an illuminated lantern walk through the neighborhood (about 20 min), and enjoy some German cookies and hot cider afterwards.
Fee: $ 30 + $ 10 for supplies

“Wake up to Art” for Preschoolers (4-6 years)

Dressing up
October 14 (Columbus Day)
Monday, 9-12 pm
This Halloween you can see your child create her or his own costume!  We will make fantastic masks from egg cartons and cloaks from pillow cases. As we go, the children will learn how to sew simple stitches. You will be amazed when you come to pick up a Little Red Riding Hood or a Wizard from class!
Fee: $ 30 + $ 5 for supplies

Tepee Camp
November 1 (no-school day MSR)
Friday, 9-12 pm
The children will build tepees and decorate them with the typical patterns of the Plains Indians. Then they will learn how to set them up according to the four directions of the compass. Finally they will add people and horses to the village. During this project the children will work with a variety of materials and practice cutting, lacing, and simple origami folds.
Fee: $ 30 + $ 5 for supplies

Living in a Tree
November 4 (no-school day at MSR)
Monday, 9-12 pm
Each child is going to imagine what life in a tree would be like, and what she or he would find and need up there. The results will be fabulous collages of textures and materials, of dreams and possibilities. This project is always so much fun for the children because it involves lots of different materials and techniques and the outcome is always fantastic.
Fee: $ 30 + $ 10 for supplies


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