The Kids Need Your Help

Summer Arts Camp is almost here! We have one month until the first camp in Ruston.

We are preparing as much as we can to make sure the kids have a great experience and you could be a part of that.

Before I tell you how you can help a kid have the best time that they can, let me tell you what makes their time so special.

Have you ever had the opportunity to create something out of nothing? Maybe it’s trying a new recipe. Or working on a flower bed in your yard. Or maybe even starting up  your own business.

Do you remember the rush you got when you first began? The struggle to give up when it got difficult? And the elation and pride you felt when you put away your tools and were able to look at what you’ve completed?

The students get that same opportunity with Summer Arts Camp. They get to branch out and try things that many of them probably haven’t done before, including 2D art (painting, drawing, etc), 3D art (sculpture), and even drama. They have the chance to create something from nothing. To feel that pride of accomplishing something.

Doesn’t that excite you?

poster design by Caitlin Angel

poster design by Caitlin Angel

I said before that you could help these kids out. We want to give these kids every opportunity to create that we can. Which means options. Options in materials, projects, and tools. We could use your help in making sure the kids have everything they need to create their masterpieces during Summer Arts Camp. Here’s a list of materials that would be very beneficial to us:

Basic craft supplies you may have lying around the house
Pipe cleaners
Kid scissors
Small paper bags
Paper plates
A special item we will need this year is shoeboxes (lids not necessary). We are also taking donations for Mardi Gras beads for a community mosaic project.
If you have any of these items lying around, please bring them by the NCLAC office located in the Dixie Theatre in Ruston. For more info, call us at 318.255.1450
Thanks for your help!

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