This post was written by Jennifer Downs, one of NCLAC’s interns this year.

Good morning, everyone! I’m very excited to share this event with you. Next week, Louisiana Tech University’s Department of English and the Department of Theatre will present the Seventh Annual Shakespeare Birthday Festival! The event is sponsored by the Rho Gamma chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, the English Honor Society.

Take a look at the promotional poster for the event:


The birthday festival will be held next Tuesday, April 23 in the courtyard garden of George T. Madison Hall on Louisiana Tech University’s campus.

Shakespeare Bust

Events have been scheduled all day long, starting 8:30am till 3pm in the courtyard, and then reconvening in Wyly Auditorium for Bill Robinson’s presentation on “War, Sex & Dirty Politics: Why We Love Watching the Tudors on Film and Television.” Throughout the day, all 154 of Shakespeare’s sonnets will read by students and faculty.

For the kids, we have several exciting events happening around midday. At 10:30am, there will be a stage combat demonstration by Mark Guinn and the stage combat class. If you have never seen the Department of Theatre’s stage combat class in action, you are in for a treat! Later on at noon, we will serve birthday cake to all attendees. There will also be a puppet show at 12:30, featuring the talents of faculty members from the Department of English. I encourage you to attend! This year, our faculty will perform a unique, humorous rendition of Antony and Cleopatra.

In addition, there will be a RAFFLE! Tickets for the raffle will be free, and you will be entered to win prizes throughout the day, including Shakespeare t-shirts from Sigma Tau Delta and Norton Critical editions of Shakespeare’s work (a wonderful treat for bookworms of all ages).

Here is a comprehensive schedule of events:

8:30 Greetings—-Don Kaczvinsky, Bill Willoughby, & Susan Roach

9:00 Will in Middle Earth—-David Merchant

9:30 Where in the World is William Shakespeare?—-Paul Crook

10:00 Will in Italy—-Jake Guinn, Kelsey Mardis, & Paula Rae Brown

10:30 Will in Action—-Mark Guinn & stage combatants

11:00 Will out of this World—-Bill Robinson

11:30 Will in London—-Jeff Hankins

12:00 Will in France—-Dolliann Hurtig & French students (and birthday cake will be served!)

12:30 Will in Egypt—-Marcia Culpepper, Scott Levin, Celia Lewis,
(Antony and Cleopatra: the puppet show) & Christine Strebeck

1:00 Sonnets from the Spanish—-Paul Nelson & Spanish students

1:30 The World in Will—-Ernie Rufleth

2:00 Will in our Words—-Kevin Sherry

2:30 Will around the World—-Isabel Lamptey

3:00 Farewells—-Dorothy Dodge Robbins & Lydia Andreu

5:30 War, Sex, & Dirty Politics: Why We Love Watching the Tudors on Film and Television—-Bill Robinson (Featured Evening Presentation in Wyly Auditorium)

Between events, audience members are encouraged to participate in reading Shakespeare’s sonnet sequence. Again, there will be raffle prizes given out throughout the day, and birthday cake will be served at noon.

I encourage you to attend and celebrate Shakespeare’s birthday will us!


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