Textile Talk: Dream Weaver

Allie Bennett, owner and operator of Stitchville, on weaving.

Weaving is a time honored craft, and can create one of a kind and wonderful works of art.


Oh Britney- NO!

No no no, not that kind of weave.  This:


Nothing fishy about this weave.

Weaving consists of 2 distinct sets of yarn- one going horizontally and one vertically- or, if you’d rather, the weft and the warp.


Oh, I’m warped baby.

The warp is thread that runs longitudinally .  The fabric is created when another thread is run back and forth horizontally.  This also creates the type of fabric, the three most common being plain weave, satin weave, or twill.  These types of weaves are created by running the weft over and under certain strings of the warp.

Weaving is an ancient art, having numerous allusions in the bible, and can be done without a fancy loom (as looms were not invented until much later in history).  So, don’t let it scare you.  If you are interested in weaving, take a tip from this guy, and just use what you’ve got on hand.  Necessity is the mother in invention.


I wove everything- this was all I had weft.


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