Show your LOVE!



Happy Valentines Day to you from NCLAC! Sophia here today to give you an option for a very special last minute gift.

So… you’ve got the chocolates… of course.

chocolate drawing

… and flowers…?

flower drawing

Now all you need to add is… this!

small ticket

Show, and give, your love for the arts by purchasing one of our Keep the Arts Afloat raffle tickets, for a chance to win $5,000! Tickets may be purchased at the Dixie Center for the Arts for the price of $100.

Keep the Arts Afloat is one of NCLAC’s largest fundraisers, with a limited supply of 250 tickets and a chance for one lucky supporter of the arts to win $5,000! The drawing will be held on Father’s Day in correlation with the Peach Festival Art Exhibit.

By participating in this raffle and donating to NCLAC, you will help us with funding in the following areas:

art heart

-Arts Education Programs

-Youth Scholarships for Art Education

-Fine Arts Exhibitions

-Professional Development for Regional Artists

-Cultural Economy Projects

-Rural Outreach…. and MORE!

On this day of love, take an opportunity to give to the arts, as we, the arts council, strive to give back to you- our community.

Read more about our fundraisers at

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