Take note: Entertainment and Education

In today’s Member News, check out upcoming entertainment in town, as well as new art class options.

NCLAC partner, the Dixie Center for the Arts, has an exciting show coming up on February 23 at 7pm. We know the Dixie Center for the Arts is

         Krewe of Swing

Krewe of Swing

the place to go for the best variety of great music in town, and this show is no exception. The Krewe of Swing is sure to be a fun evening. Tickets are $20 general admission, $5 students, or a season ticket. I went to the show last year with my children, and it was an entertaining family night, but would also make a perfect date night.

With their New Orleans influenced sound and energetic style,The Krewe of Swing is a six piece ensemble you wouldn’t want to miss.

The Krewe of Swing is the smaller group of the critically acclaimed Fort Worth Jazz Orchestra. The Orchestra’s founder and director,New Orleans Native and Grammy Awarded jazz drummer Adonis Rose selected members from the FWJO to form The Krewe of Swing in the fall of 2009.

Since then the ensemble has been featured at events throughout the states of Texas and Louisiana. Scat Jazz Lounge, located in Fort Worth’s Sundance Square, has become the band’s home as they entertain tourists from around the world. The sounds of Bourbon Street electrify Sundance Square during the weekly “Nawlins Nights” show.

The Krewe of Swing Members

Alcedrick Todd – Trumpet- Grand Prairie,TX
Chris Milyo – Tenor Saxaphone- Arlinton,TX
Phil Joseph -Trombone-Desoto,TX
Michael Palma- Piano- Dallas,TX
Bach Norwood- Bass-Monroe,LA
J.E. McKissic-vocals- Arlington,TX  

NCLAC member artist Christiane Drieling announces her new program Brush Hour: Art Projects for People of All Ages. An Open House will be held March 23.

Christiane says:

I am excited to present you with the very first Brush Hour program. “Brush Hour” is meant to be the opposite of “rush hour” – a time to relax, to contemplate, and to enjoy, especially after a long day of school or work. I have prepared lots of interesting art classes where people of all ages can learn new skills and create unique pieces. Most classes I will teach myself. In addition, fiber artist Rachel Johnston will come in, and show and introduce you to her specialties. For children’s classes with more than 4 registered participants, I plan to have a second teacher in the room. With 8 spaces per class, the classes are small. – So register soon!

She has classes scheduled for the entire year, but for today we’ll share the next few months with you. If you have questions or are ready to register, please call Christiane at: 318-255-7422, or email her at: Christiane.drieling@gmail.com

Classes for Adults

Decoupage – “Wine & Design”

April 3 – May 22 (8 weeks)

Wednesdays, 7-9 pm

In this class you will learn various decoupage techniques and practice them on different objects and
surfaces like ceramic, wood, and metal. One of these decoupage techniques I learned in Germany, and I
look forward to sharing it with you. Also, I will show you how to add painted details to your pieces to
make them especially unique. The projects include coasters, plates, serving trays, vases, and pendants.
Fee: $ 110 + $ 15 for supplies.

Batik – “Wine & Design”

April 5 – May 24 (8 weeks)

Fridays, 7-9 pm

Batik is a special way of painting on fabric and an art form that always gives you amazing results. The
original Batik uses hot wax to make the contours of the design. I am going to show you an updated
version based on a certain type of glue that is easier to work with and leads to the same results. The
technique itself is not difficult to learn; however, it requires a little bit of planning in order to achieve
the intended outcome. The projects include table cloths, pillow cases, book covers, and note cards.
Fee: $ 110 + $ 20 for supplies.


Beaded JewelryWorkshop for teenagers and adults

May 4-5

Saturday and Sunday, 1-5 pm

In this workshop I will introduce you to basic beading techniques such as stringing, crimping, and
attaching clasps. You will play around with different beads and findings and their combinations, and
work on designs for necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. These would make nice presents for Mother’s
Day (May 11)!
Fee: $ 55 + individual costs for supplies ($ 5-10).

Workshops and Art Days for Children and Teenagers

Let’s orbit! – Workshop for children 6 and up

April 13-14 (tax day weekend)

Saturday and Sunday, 1-4 pm

Soup cans, bottle caps, electronic and plumbing supplies, and lots of packaging material are waiting to
become a universe of satellites and spaceships, robots and aliens. The children will build and paint
their objects and use wires and hardware instead of glue in order to hold the parts together.
Fee: $ 45 + $ 5 for supplies.

Play with your food! – Art Day for children 3 and up

May 3 (parent/teacher conference day)

Friday, 9 am – 3 pm

This day is meant both for younger and older children. The projects will allow the young children to
explore the materials and come up with surprising results. In the meantime, the older ones can apply
their more advanced skills to more specific project ideas. During the first three hours we will make
legumes, rice, and pasta mosaics on boxes and picture frames. The last three hours we will work with
salt dough and sculpt it into everlasting decorative pieces, like ornaments and wreaths.
Fee: $ 45 + $ 5 for supplies

Half days from 9 am to 12 pm or from 12 to 3 pm are available for $ 25 including supply fee.


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