Why don’t you Macramake me!

Macramé!? Was Ricki Martin in that band?  Oh, no.  That was Image

Well, then what the heck is macramé? 

Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about it: Macramé or macrame is a form of textile-making using knotting rather than weaving or knitting.  So, if you keep up with the Textile talks, you already know what knitting is.  You also know that crocheting is not knitting.  It’s not macramé either.

The primary elements of macramé are the square knot and ‘hitches’ (double hitch, single hitch, etc.) and this craft was practiced by sailors to decorate their knife handles, bottles, and various parts of the ship.  Other forms of macramé include friendship bracelets.  You know, like the ones you made as a kid.


Totally rad!

But the question that I’m sure is burning in your mind is, where the heck did macramé come from?  Ahh, Wikipedia helps us out again. The origins seem to lie in with the 13th century Arabs who were believed to knot the excess thread and yarn on the ends of their hand made fabrics to create a decorative edge.  After the Moorish conquest the craft spread to Spain and Italy, and eventually the rest of Europe.  In addition to the decorative aspect, useful things can be made such as hammocks and belts.  Even ladies in waiting were taught to macramé (everyone knows what happens to idle hands!)

The fad died down until the 70’s when it again enjoyed the lime light.  Here are some highlights of that boom:


Whooo are you


Do these knots make me look fat?


They did lots of stuff with pot(s) back then


Macramé support groups!

So what are you waiting for?  Get some cotton, some twine, some thread (Stitchville has all your DMC needs!) and get macraméing!


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