Join the Revolution!

Allie Bennett is the owner of Stitchville in downtown Ruston and a fiber nerd. 

Let’s play a little game of would you rather.  Here’s how it will go.  I’ll post 2 pictures.  You identify with which one more closely aligns with the way you’d like to be viewed.  Ready?  It’s going to be fun.

Ok- First one.  You’re making your grand entrance at the party of the year (and if you’re me, you’re at least 20 min late so everyone will already be there).  Would you rather:






No brainer right?  Ok, lets try it again.

It’s your birthday (hooray!!)  Your awesome sister, who is totally crafty, has a present for you.  You open it.  Gasp!  Just what you always wanted!  Is it:


Underwear again?!? Cmon sis!



Omg you are the coolest sister ever!!

Ok, last one.  What’s your idea of a perfect Friday night?


You should be ashamed!



Crafty and classy!

If you picked the second picture for any of the above scenarios, watch out!  You may be ready to pick up knitting or quilting or macramé or weaving! Join the legions of crafters and creators and feel the awesome sense of accomplishment at the end of a long day when you’ve not only worked, cooked, cleaned- but also finished your own creation with your own hands!  It’s so cool!

And now, a geeky joke.  Image


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