Want to show your work?

Hi there! Sophia here with your Thursday blog from the life of an emerging artist. This Thursday, I would like to discuss how someone may go about getting started with the process of submitting artwork to exhibitions. Through my undergrad program, I have been encouraged by all of my professors to SUBMIT my work to shows! ‘You need to get used to rejection, so that you may jump right back out there and try again, and again, gallery showand again.’ I remember one of them saying this and thinking to myself, “wow… sounds like fun. not.” Nevertheless, I began submitting early. Rejection was hard, but after a while it seemed that one acceptance made up for numerous turn-downs, which made it all worth it.

There are several ways to go about submitting artwork to shows. If you are currently enrolled in an art program, simply seek your professors’ advice about how to find local shows. I went to a artist workshop last year led by Susan Brunner who is the director of the Brunner Gallery in Covington, LA. She advised the class to work your way up to the gallery level. First, submit your work to local shows, then regional, then national. growingThe more widespread your work, the more experience you’ll gain showing it, and the better it looks to a gallery who may also want to show your work. As with many things, you must start small and grow!
Often times, your local arts council will post opportunities for exhibiting artwork. NCLAC’s Facebook page covers this with updates on their blog and website as well. Also, you may go directly to a museum’s website to find out if they will be hosting any upcoming exhibitions. The Masur Museum of Art in Monroe, LA posts updates on their main page about current and upcoming exhibitions, such as their 50th Annual Juried Competition which will open in March.

internetThe internet is definitely a great back-up go to, and some of your professors may even refer you to websites that posts just what you need: ‘call for artist’ entries. I recently signed up for emails from CallForEntry.org, and am excited to see emails on a regular basis giving me call for entries from all over the country. I’ll admit, it is a little intimidating. However, I feel that the more I read about these shows, the more I think about how my artwork would travel, how it would need to be packaged, or how I would instruct them to set it up (or if I would go do it myself!) It’s all part of the process and frankly, I’m so excited to keep figuring it out!

More later from this emerging artist’s experiences and discoveries…


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