Winter Workshops for Children Last Week

Hello there! This is Sophia, with a weekend blog post to fill you all in on our first Winter Arts Academy Classes! From 9am- 3pm last Thursday and Friday, the 27th and 28th, I held the first two children arts classes, with five and seven children respectively.Arts Academy01

Thursday, we began the morning with brown paper bags. I explained to the kids that artwork may be made out of nearly anything and encouraged them to expand their idea of what ‘art materials’ can be. We cut, then twisted the bags, giving us trees full of branches that we later added blossoms to. Most of the kids left their leaves/blossoms white; perhaps their minds were stuck on a wish for winter snow!

artac03They enjoyed learning how to manipulate a paper plate in order to use it as a brace for a circular weaving. Although a bit tedious, the kids stuck with it and there was a strong sense of
satisfaction to follow the finished pieces.artac02 We also worked with collage and the idea of abstraction, cutting recycled magazines into strips as our material.

Friday, we began class with gloves, yarn, and lots of glue! After creating a bowl with the glue soaked strands, the kids had received their fill of ‘messiness’ for the morning and went straight into creating popsicle stick accordion


puppets. Because they drew their own creature/animal, they experienced their artwork coming to life, as they later used them in a short play.

To finish up Friday’s class, the students learned about the primary colors and created primary colored hot air balloons with folded paper. They further decorated these with ‘Happy New Year’ and stars and attached them to string, so they may hang them up in celebration of the new year. I believe the classes were a success, as the kids left smiling with several projects in hand. artac04

Jessica Slaughter will teach next week’s Arts Academy classes on Thursday and Friday,the 3rd and 4th. It’s not too late to sign your kids up!! Shoot an email to,  if you’re interested.


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