The Line-up is Complete! Slaughter and Knopps

Hello there! Today’s Holiday Arts Tour post features the remaining two participating artists for this weekend: Joey Slaughter and Matthew Knopps. They will be hosted by Fine Line Art Supply, at 207 North Trenton in downtown Ruston. Joey and Matthew are both involved with Louisiana Tech University: Slaughter is a Studio Art faculty member, and Knopps is an MFA student in the Art Department. They both investigate information in their work, but by different ways and means. In addition, they both choose a media based on the concept at hand, whether installation, painting, sculpture, etc. Versatility? Yes.

work by Joey Slaughter

Joey Slaughter is primarily a painter, and easily uses traditional and non-traditional processes. Acrylic paint, as well as laser-cut drawings, re-purposed wood and computer-manipulated designs — each can be seen in his work, allowing “for a play between spontaneity and precision.” His recent body of work deals with information: how it would look if we were able to see the waves of communication and information that are invisibly traveling through the air at a given moment, providing immeasurable pleasure as well as countless distractions.
Slaughter says:
To illustrate the physical presence of all this information, these (abstracted) symbols are then expanded into the 2D and 3D realms through the use of vinyl cutters, laser, and CNC routers. These cut drawings are then combined with painting and other hand-made pieces, resulting in a blend of tight and loose, machine and man.

Matthew Knopps’ work for the Tour will be primarily in printmaking, but he also works with installation and photography. His works focuses on the filtering of information.
Knopps says:
Technology brings new forms of communication. Confronting us with the opportunity to know anything and everything at any given moment. This freedom creates confusion, my work studies these confusions. Through the filtering of imagery and ideas I am able to make sense of this clutter.

work by Matthew Knopps

We hope you’ve enjoyed this journey into Holiday Arts Tour 2012, and that you feel ready to take on the big weekend ahead. We truly have a wonderful variety of artists who will be selling their work, and an enjoyable line-up of musicians for Friday and Saturday. When you visit with an artist, surprise him/her by mentioning something you read on our blog. Stay tuned tomorrow for a listing of merchant sales for the weekend! And speaking of sales, Fine Line Art Supply is having a special sale for the weekend…and the store is THE place in town for your art supply and printing needs. And Stitchville, located in the same space, is your one-stop shop for the most beautiful yarn around, as well as cute patterns, sewing notions, and fabric-related classes.

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