Sierra Rasberry at RE/MAX

Jessica here. Like many of you, when Frothy Monkey closed I was very disappointed: 1, because there was no more coffee downtown, and 2, because the location was great and I hated to see it unused. Well now, I’m happy to say, Brandon Crume of RE/MAX Realty has opened shop in the Frothy’s former location, and he’s made a wonderful transformation. The space is amazing– a very contemporary, sleek aesthetic with beautiful lighting….AND even better, he’s jumping right into the downtown Ruston scene by joining NCLAC for Holiday Arts Tour!

His featured artist next weekend will be Sierra Rasberry, a student of Architecture at Louisiana Tech University. In talking about her first involvement with the arts, Sierra said:

I was pretty introverted as a child, so the word “bored” never entered my vocabulary. I was
always exploring, drawing, and looking at the beautiful world around me. My mother
always stressed how important beauty was in the world (she was a professional make-up
artist). My mother enrolled me into an out-of-school weekly art class when I was 6 and I
stayed there for years. Melanie King (my first art teacher) and my great-grandmother, Audie
Brown, are the main sources of my creative motivation from early on. They taught me to
never fear messing up and to simply create for the joy of it!

Sierra will be displaying a variety of work, including fiber arts, sculpture and prints. Be sure to stop in and visit her at RE/MAX. This is her first year participating with Holiday Arts Tour, so be sure to check out her work and give both she and Brandon a warm welcome.

artist Sierra Rasberry


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