Warm and Sweet: Joni McDonald at Social Bites

Jessica here. Today I’m happy to tell you about Joni Hunter McDonald, who will be selling her hand-tied scarves at Social Bites for Holiday Arts Tour next week. I first met Joni years ago at a craft fair where we both had booths. She was, and is, a cute, bubbly personality who “builds” scarves that are as cute and bright as she is.  She calls her line j. melcena, in honor of her grandmother, Jessie Melcena Williamson Hunter. Joni says her grandmother taught her how to read, how to sew, how to cook, and how to be creative.  Sounds like a pretty important lady! Joni says, “j.melcena is my way of honoring this precious woman.”

j.melcena child’s scarf

Joni uses vivid and bold color combinations in her scarves. In combining fibers, such as wool, silk and cotton, with assorted weights, such as laceweight and bulky, Joni is able to make very unique scarves that make a fun statement. She also creates custom orders, which opens up a world of possibility for gift-giving.

Joni will be displaying her scarves at Social Bites of Ruston, located on the corner of Vienna and Mississippi. Social Bites is Ruston’s newest dessert hot-spot. Cookies, cupcakes, petits fours, you name it—beautiful AND super tasty. Heather Bailey has created a busy little bakery that customizes in cakes and cookies for all occasions, from birthdays to weddings. The space is bright and cheerful,  a perfect match for j. melcena scarves.

Be sure to mark your calendars for November 15-18, when NCLAC’s Holiday Arts Tour spreads throughout Ruston. “Like” our facebook page to stay up to date on all Holiday Arts Tour activities.

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