M. Douglas Walton, featured Holiday Arts Tour Artist

Jessica here, thrilled to tell you about M. Douglas Walton, one of our participating Holiday Arts Tour artists. Mr. Walton is a world-traveling, art-making collector of treasures. His home, studio and grounds are a not-to-miss destination on this year’s Tour, especially as he will not be participating next year due to traveling conflicts. Doug stopped by the office the other day to tell me about his recent month-long stay in Bali. You see, he takes groups of travelers to Bali each year, where he acquires new amazing items for his home and grounds. He has such a collection of artifacts and art, both his own and that of others, that a visit to his home is always sure to delight.

M. Douglas Walton home interior

Updates for this year’s Tour include all new paintings throughout, having been water media on paper, but now canvas paintings. And of course, as Doug told me, changing the art on the walls involves changing the surrounding decor as well. In addition, the unfortunate burning of the Pike House has been commemorated at Encounter Point, as one of the columns is now on location at Doug’s, topped by a sculpture. This towering column and art piece have taken the place of a lost tree, as  “out of the ashes rises the phoenix.”

1000 Buddhist prayer flags are the artist’s next installation project, to be incorporated into his landscape for Holiday Arts Tour.  The repetition of color- blue, white, red, green, yellow- in such a quantity, under Doug’s artistic hand, will certainly make a visual statement that I’m excited to see.

In addition to his travels, Doug also teaches art classes here in Ruston, which are coordinated by Marlen Waters. If you’re interested in studying with him or have questions about doing so, you may reach her at 255-9394, or marlen@tugmail.net  There are classes scheduled for this weekend, Nov. 9-11, as well as in January. Douglas will be the featured artist for Bank of Ruston’s annual art show, with the opening Reception on Tuesday, December 4 at 5:30.

M. Douglas Walton studio shot

Be sure to visit the artist, M. Douglas Walton, on this year’s Holiday Arts Tour, as he is a gracious host and the visit will be one to remember. The address is 150 Encounter Point.  In addition, if you haven’t ‘liked’ our facebook page, be sure to do so in order to stay up-to-date on all Holiday Arts Tour related information.


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