The Handmade Jewelry of Laura Glen

Good afternoon, everyone! Intern Jennifer Downs here. Holiday Arts Tour is now just two weeks away – can you believe it? Well, it’s time to introduce another one of our local artists who will be participating in the tour. Meet Laura Glen Lawson Carlson, a custom jewelry maker and artisan. During the tour, Laura’s work will be displayed at the Townsend House on Bonner Street.

All of Laura’s jewelry is handmade, featuring metal wires coiling around precious stones and crystals. Her jewelry is inspired by the natural world. To view more of her work, including bracelets and necklaces for gifts and weddings, you can visit her website,

From her artist statement:

I want the people who wear my jewelry to feel a connection to the jewelry and know the piece was created with love and care. I believe this sense of connectivity is achieved through the synergy of seeking balance and harmony between metal and stone in a fluid organic style. Inspiration for many of my designs comes from watching nature…the shapes of trees, the growth of wild vines and the curves of clouds.

Join us November 15-18 and“Celebrate the Tradition” with local artisans like Laura. You can call NCLAC’s offices between 9-2 on Monday-Thursday at (318) 255-1450 for more information.

Be sure to visit our event at and “like” it to spread the word!


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