Tech Professors at Richardson Hall

Two of Louisiana Tech’s Communication Design professors, Todd Maggio and Jerry Berg will be featured in Richardson Hall.

Todd Maggio has spent nearly his entire career in education. After working for a year in the Baton Rouge advertising market Maggio moved to South Texas towork in the public relations office of Texas A&M University–Kingsville. His talent gained immediate recognition and he soon moved to the Texas A&M University Headquarters. Through his award-winning work for the Texas A&M System Maggio developed a respect and admiration for the service of its employees and a much deeper understanding of academia’s role in society.

Maggio said “As an artist, designer and educator I continually seek opportunities to bring my work and experiences into the classroom to broaden and enrich the learning environment. My personal projects, like my client work, possess an entrepreneurial aspect which I frequently encourage through my teaching.”

Last year, Todd showcased different styles of screen printed playing cards. I’m very excited to see what he brings us this year.


Jerry Berg has been drawing, painting and printmaking from a very early age. In college he was then guided down a path into the realm of graphic design and soon discovered the excitement and challenge of interactive design in the form of CD-ROM and early web site development.

He says, “I consider myself a contemporary realist painter. I work in traditional oils based on the old master techniques and mainly use wood panel, grisaille and multi-layer glazing techniques to achieve a higher level of detail in my paintings. I owe obvious and conscious debt to the great masters of 350 years ago.  Although the influence is usually subtle, the modern sensibility inevitably expresses itself. I take a real delight in discovering the marriage of these two worlds.”


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