The Golden-Headed Fish

NCLAC is on tour this week, with a beautifully designed puppet performance of “The Golden-Headed Fish.”  This summer we’ve had the opportunity to work with three interns who have collaborated on a puppet show. Shalis Stevens, an MFA candidate at Savannah College of Art and Design, has served as the designer and creator of the puppets and set for the performance. Scout Pittman, Theatre student at Bossier Parish Community College, and Sydney Mayeux, Theatre student at Louisiana Tech University, have worked with Shalis to construct the puppets and set. The story, “The Golden-Headed Fish,”  is an unusual fairy tale set in Egypt.

the puppet set

Shalis says, “Stylistically, it is what I am calling two-dimensional bunraku…kind of a mixture between shadow puppets and bunraku. The designs are inspired by the neo-egyptian revival of the 1920s.”

The puppets and set are made of 1inch foam, range in size from 1ft to 4ft, and are thin and jointed. The performers are visible as they work the puppets and wear Egyptian-styled make-up. The set has been constructed so that it is portable and is made of separate pieces that set up into an 8′ x 16′ stage.

detail of the king and queen

The three ladies have been a perfect team, working the roles of designer/creator, script writer and touring director, in addition to puppeteering and performing the voice-overs. For the tour this week they’ve also been  joined by Steven Vick, who is a Theatre student at Louisiana Tech, and Don Stevens, Technical Director of Theatre at Louisiana Tech University.

The group held two performances today at Jackson Parish Library in Jonesboro.

Tomorrow the show will be at First Baptist Church for a children’s program, and then at 2pm will be at the Lincoln Parish Library.

The week will end with a performance at Union Parish Library in Farmerville on Thursday at 2pm.

Our interns have done a great job and I look forward to the rest of the week’s performances. If you’re in Ruston tomorrow, stop by the library at 2pm. If in Farmerville on Thursday, swing by the Union Parish Library at 2. It’s about a 15 minute show that’s appropriate for all ages.

Puppeteers: Steven, Scout and Sydney

Shalis Stevens, creator

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