Summer Arts Camp Rendezvous

After receiving his Bachelors degree in Painting and Drawing from University of Alabama in Huntsville, Matthew Knopps came to Ruston to pursue a Masters Degree in Studio Art from Louisiana Tech University. Matthew’s work has been in many student exhibitions both at LaTech and at the University of Alabama, as well as in many seasonal exhibitions in Huntsville. Knopps’ goal is for his pieces to focus on the filtering of information.  They entice the viewer in to trying to decipher their meaning. His work causes the public to focus on subject matter that would normally be ignored. NCLAC is happy to welcome him in his first year as a teacher for Summer Arts Camp.

Early registration for this year’s camps is now available. Interested participants can register by calling 318-255-1450 or picking up a form from the Dixie Center for the Arts (212 N. Vienna, Ruston, LA).

A portion of the Summer Arts Camp is sponsored by a grant from Entergy as well as donations from NCLAC’s Pick Your Picasso campaign. PYP is a campaign that provides scholarships to twenty-five students to attend the arts camp in their parish for free. 


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