Secrets of an Arts Administrator

“Secrets of an Arts Administrator” will be a weekly blog post featuring anecdote from regional administrators/educators in the creative field.  It is NCLAC’s hope that through these real life experiences artists in all fields can gain practical knowledge for the industry.  As the famous author C.S. Lewis once said “Experience: that most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God do you learn.”

Lesson: It takes money (and a lot of it)

Like most young and eager arts administrators I believed that passion alone could carry a project through any problem.  Three  years into my job I’ve begun to realize it takes something else, a little green.  (Actually that is a lie, it takes a great deal of green to carry out even the smallest projects.)

While I spent the first two years dreading the discussion of funds (mainly how to get them), I’ve begun to realize a very encouraging truth, people can be generous.  In fact most individuals are full of kindness and  a giving spirit.  I have learned that while passion may not be enough to carry any project, it can be a good beginning.  If you believe in what you are doing (and I mean truly believe that it’s important to the world around you) the green will come.

I witnessed this first hand again at our Annual Silent Auction on Saturday at the Ruston Civic Symphony Society’s Mardi Gras Ball.  NCLAC surpassed it’s fundraising goal and it is all because of our donor’s and the bidders.  Without a community that supports our projects we would not be able to achieve our goals.  We’ve spent the last week thanking those generous individuals but I wanted to say a personal “thank you”.

Thank you, I really believe that NCLAC can and does make our home a better place to live.


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