Art Talk Monday!!!

The North Central Louisiana Arts Council is eagerly preparing for the 2012 Silent Auction to take place tomorrow, February 18th, at the Krewe of Allegro Mardi Gras Ball.  This year, through generosity of others, NCLAC has assembled quite a tempting spread of items.  Everything from fine art, classic antiques, sweet treats, and weeklong get away will be present to tempt even the most cautious spender.

While many other Silent Auctions take place during the year in Lincoln Parish, NCLAC can’t help but think that ours is special.  While the items are impressive we are always more impressed with how generous our community continues to be, regardless of our current economic climate.  The funds raised from the Silent Auction are crucial for NCLAC success and without them we would have to discontinue many of our programs.

We are here weekly to provide a voice for the arts in Lincoln Parish and our surrounding area and we always find it uplifting to know we never have to search too long to find something to write about.  That says a lot about our community and their support for the arts!  So thank you to all those wonderful individuals, businesses, and organizations that donated items.  If you see these people around let them know how much we appreciate them and if you are one of these special people, thank you.

  • Acorn Creek
  • Alexa Hickey
  • All That Jazz
  • Art Innovations
  • Beck Bennett
  • Bess Bieluczyk
  • Bodie’s Furniture
  • Brad Arender
  • Caleb Clark
  • Catherine McVea
  • Charlotte Crume
  • Children Shoppe
  • Christiane Drieling
  • Cleaners of Ruston
  • Counter Culture
  • Dara Engler
  • David Hedgepeth
  • Dixie Center for the Arts
  • Dean Dablow
  • Debbie & Gary Click
  • Deep Steam Clean
  • Dianne Douglas
  • Doug Walton
  • Embellishment
  • Emily Ezell
  • Fine Line Art Supply
  • Follette Pottery
  • Frank Hamrick
  • Gary Hauser
  • Gaylon & Linda Head
  • Grambling State University
  • Hannah’s Quilts & Crafts
  • Hart Associates
  • Hooshang Khorasani
  • Jackie Cochran
  • Jan’s Optical
  • Jay Gould
  • Jes Schrom
  • Jessica Slaughter
  • Joey Slaughter
  • Joshua Chambers
  • Julie Crews
  • Karen Armstrong
  • Karen Webre
  • Locker Room
  • Louisiana Tech Concert Association
  • Maggie Jones Boudreaux
  • Marie Bukowski
  • Marlen Waters
  • Mary Kay Cosmetics
  • Mary Louise Carter
  • Masur Museum of Art
  • Matthews Leon Knopps
  • Megan Davenport
  • Meg Waters
  • Michele McGehee
  • Nicole Duet
  • Noula Rodakis
  • Patricia Jones
  • Paul & Kathy Smith
  • Peter Hay
  • Peter Jones
  • Ponchatoulas
  • Rogers Furniture
  • Saul Zalesch
  • Stitchville
  • Stone Theatre
  • Sundown
  • The Fabric Shoppe
  • The Fashion
  • The Frame Up
  • The Pewter Company
  • Timeless Treasures
  • Townsend House & Gifts

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