MFA Exhibition @ Tech’s Enterprise Center

The Enterprise Center Gallery Presents a New Exhibition


This exhibition is open to the public January 13 – February 2, 2012

Opening Reception Friday, January 13, 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. Free and open to the public

Gallery Talk A selection of artists from the MFA Show will conduct a gallery walk-through and talk.

Louisiana Tech University

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Free and open to the public Wednesday, January 25, 7:00 pm


Art [ahrt] grad-u-ate [graj-oo-yet] stu-dent [stood-nt] : noun 1. Drained of strength or energy, used up, 2. To draw out all that is essential, 3. Damaged, hurt physically (as by exacto knife, sharp metal/plastic of printer/copier or computer), 4. Defeated or of no avail, 5. Overwhelmed in body and mind, 6. To gain the victory; win; conquer.

First and Second year MFA students Mary Catherine Davis, Jake Dugard, Joni Dollar, Joli Livaudais Grisham, Peter Hay, Jamie Johnson, Matthew Knopps, Casey Parkinson, Brittany Spencer, Diana Synatzske, and Renata Vallada have embarked on a journey to become part of the elite group to earn their MFA (Master of Fine Art). Please join them as they come together for one night, with their evidence that is AN MFA SHOW.

For more information about our programs and exhibitions, please email call us at 318.257-5281, or visit The Enterprise Center is located at 509 West Alabama Ave, Ruston, LA 71270. We are open to the public Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. –5 p.m.

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