Tech Announces Cast for Robin Hood

The Louisiana Tech Stone Theatre is proud to announce the cast for The Adventures of Robin Hood, directed by Professor of Theatre Paul B. Crook. Performances are schedule to run January 31st – February 4th at 7:30 p.m. in Howard Auditorium, located in the Howard Center for the Performing Arts, located on the Corner of Adams Boulevard and West Arizona Avenue.

The Box Office, located in the lobby of Howard Auditorium, will open for general admission on January 16th. The Box Office hours are Monday – Friday, 1:30 p.m. – 4:45 p.m., and the number is 318-257-3942.

The Adventures of Robin Hood will be a fun-filled production with a cast full of loveable and laughable characters. Joining the students and community members on stage will be a full crew of children playing rolls such as Robin’s Merry Men, fair young maidens, and devious henchmen.

The cast includes:

Jake Guinn as Robin Hood, Ryan Gentry as Little John, Thomas Comb as Will, Tyler Lokey as Alan-a-Dale, Barrett Brown as Friar Tuck, Matt Ferguson as Sir Guy (Sheriff of Nottingham), Taylor Pittman as Oswald, Rachael Pace as Lady Marian, Kelsey Mardis as Midge the Miller, Melanie Slack as Nell Stutely, Hannah McNew as Lucy, Savannah Woods as Ethel, Stacey Morse as Kate, Payton Wilburn as Lady Gwendolyn, Kate Higgs as Gwyneth, Julia Morse as Daisy of Doncaster, Gabe Walker as Davy of Doncaster, Emma Alexander as Brave Beverly, Heaven Smallwood as Clever Cordelia

Collins Walker as Gil Whitehead, Simone Koskie as Georgie Green, Eric Whitehead as Barney Bardolph, Carolyn Smith as Randie Randolph, Gordon Smoak as Fergie Ferguson, Natasha Neal as Penny the Peddler, Melanie Koskie as Rowena, Destiny Garcia as Edwina, Rodney Peel as Alfred the Saxon, Geri Taylor as Alfrieda, Tatum Stephenson as Alison, Cece Crook as Alice, Tatum Brasher as Alberta, Bronwyn Storey as Alyssa, Ian Henkel as Alvin, Abigail Henkel as Alwyn, and Isaac Henkel as Alfie Jr.

Henchmen include: Rhett Davis, Ross Taylor, Kamesha Chatman, and Miranda Theodos.

Townspeople include: Emily Philpot, Courtney Bertrand, Suya Que, Sophia Koskie, Chanley Patterson, Evan May, Kura Broadnax.


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