LA Tech to present “Our Town”

Louisiana Tech University

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Some may think a play first produced in 1938 would not be relevant
today. If this were ever thought about Our Town, that person would be
horribly mistaken. Our Town, about life in a small town in New
Hampshire, perhaps could?ve just as easily been named Every Town by
playwright Thornton Wilder. With it?s universal themes of Daily Life,
Love and Marriage, and even Death and Dying, Our Town covers all the
basics of life in a genuine, heartfelt, easy to watch performance.

First produced in 1938, the play?s action takes place in 1901, 1904,
and 1913. This information alone makes it sound old and most likely
outdated, yet it is still one of the most produced plays in the
American canon. I attribute this to it being well ahead of its time.
When the play was first produced, it was a near failure in
performance, because its staging and concepts defied the conventions
audience were expecting. What they got instead was a play requiring
only a ?platform and a passion.? No realistic set, no props for actors
use. In many ways, Wilder?s play beat other theatre professionals?
publications calling for the same ideas by several years!

Director, Dr. Kenneth Robbins, has challenged the cast of this bare
bones production to create a sense of community so great that the
audience almost forgets the lack of technical support to the show. It
is truly to be an actor?s showcase, an opportunity to flex those
acting muscles they?ve been training, some for many years. Here?s
hoping we do Wilder?s deep, rich, multifaceted text and characters
some justice. Heaven knows they deserve it.

Join us as we explore Thornton Wilder?s masterpiece Our Town this fall
and become a part of the community that we are creating at Louisiana
Tech?s Stone Theatre. Performances run October 26th ? 29th and
November 2nd ? 5th, 2011. Tickets are currently on sale and can be
purchased at the Box Office located in the Howard Center for the
Performing Arts, on the Corner of Adams Boulevard and West Arizona
Avenue. Located in the lobby of Howard Auditorium, the Box Office
hours are Monday ? Friday, 1:30 p.m. ? 4:45 p.m., and the number is
318-257-3942. Ticket prices are $10 General Admission, $6 for children
14 and under, $5 for seniors, $5 for students (including continuing
education) with a valid ID, and $4 for groups of 12 or more.

The cast for Our Town includes: Chris ?Lito? Tamez as the Stage
Manager, Matthew Ferguson as Dr. Gibbs, Tyler Lokey as Joe Crowell/Si
Crowell/Baseball Player 1, Ryan Gentry as Howie Newsome/First Dead
Man, Rachael Pace as Mrs. Gibbs, Alicia Goodman as Mrs. Webb, Jake
Guinn as George Gibbs, Alma Moegle as Rebecca Gibbs, Brandon Gantt as
Wally Webb, Payton Wilburn as Emily Webb, Associate Dean of Liberal
Arts William T. Willoughby as Professor Willard, Ryan Ferrebee as Mr.
Webb, Sidney Davis as Simon Stimson, Destiny Garcia as Mrs. Soames,
Ben ?Dutch? Porch as Constable Warren/Second Dead Man, Stephen Vick as
Sam Craig, Taylor Pittman as Joe Stoddard, Holly Bricker as First Dead
Woman, M?Kayla Love as Second Dead Woman.


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