Turbo Goat Art Show Opening

The Turbo Goat (301 N. Trenton St.) will be having an Art Opening on Friday, May 6th starting at 6pm. 

The show titled “Bicycles!” is focused on the concepts of  recreation, competition, ingenuity, fashion, form, function, enjoyment, and creativity. With bicycles being the subjective foundation, this art show will incorporate various mediums:
•Mixed media
•Whole bicycles

Featuring artwork by the following artists:

  • Kevin “Superbowl Champ” Beasley
  • Dacia Idom
  • Fat Tony
  • William Douglas
  • Julie Crews
  • Lana Langston
  • Andy Shows
  • ilovedust
  • Edgar E. Garcia
  • Doogie Roux
  • Chris Bartlett
  • Chelsea Dunn
  • Adrian Dean Gipson
  • Siarya Yorn

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