SAC Encounter

This week’s featured Summer Arts Camp teacher is Keli Bryan, who teaches art, science and English at Downsville High School. She loves working collaboratively with students on art projects and finding ways to include the arts in all areas of learning.

SAC Encounter: Keli Bryan

Keli has been traveling, teaching and facilitating enrichment programs for over ten years. Some of her interesting experiences include: founding GLOW (Girls Leading Our World) in New Jersey, an after-school program that provided opportunities for girls to become leaders and to increase skills and confidence to make positive change; community volunteerism in Nicaragua, where she facilitated music and art workshops in the community’s schools; serving as a crisis line and childcare provider for DART (Domestic Abuse Resistance Team) where she helped abused women and children in crisis in Ruston.

Although Keli has volunteered with SAC in the past, this will be her first year to teach at the camps. She will be teaching 3D in Ruston and 2D in Farmerville. One of the first projects she’ll be leading in 2D is the design of an art apron to be used for the week of camp. If you haven’t signed up for camp yet, be sure to take care of it: call 255-1448 for phone registration, visit the Dixie Theatre to register in person, or click on Registration Form in the My Shared Files window at the bottom of your screen to download our online form.


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