Tech Announces Cast for Macbeth

The Louisiana Tech Stone Theatre is proud to announce the cast for the upcoming production of Macbeth. Mr. Paul B. Crook, Assistant Professor of Theatre, will direct. Macbeth performances are scheduled to run April 27 – 30 and May 4 – 7 at 7:30 pm in Stone Theatre, located in the Howard Center for the Performing Arts. The Box Office, located in the lobby of Howard Auditorium, will open for general admission April 13. The Box Office hours are Monday – Friday, 1:30 – 4:45, and their number is 318-257-3942.

The cast for Macbeth includes: Ryan Gentry as Macbeth; Anastasia Trammell as Lady Macbeth; Amanda Tatum as Witch 1, Ross, Lennox, Murderer 1; Holly Bricker as Witch 2, Angus, Messenger, Murderer 2; Payton Wilburn as Witch 3, Sergeant, Murderer 3, Servant; Ben Porch as Banquo, Caithness; Chris Tamez as Duncan, Porter, Lord 1, Ghost King, Soldier 1; Ryan Ferrebee as Malcolm, Lord 2, Ghost King; LaKeidrick Wimberly as Donalbain, Lord 3, Ghost King, Soldier 2; Jake Guinn as MacDuff, Lord 3, Ghost King; Thomas Comb as Fleance, Lord 5, Ghost King, Doctor, Soldier 3; Sara Murdock as Lady MacDuff, Servant, Attendant, Menteith; Kelsey Mardis as MacDuff’s Daughter, Servant, Attendant, Waiting Gentlewoman, Soldier 4.

Macbeth, written by Shakespeare and adapted by Paul B. Crook, tells of the conniving Macbeth and his wife who rise to power through the use of deception and murder. The story takes place in a post Hurricane Katrina setting with many recognizable Louisiana themes, and focuses on a post-apocalyptic environment. The history, heritage, and supernaturalism of New Orleans are demonstrated by the three witches who steer the events of the play. The witches are Voodoo Queens who use their power to corrupt and maneuver the characters with their dark magic, sensuality, and ability to change forms. MacDuff seeks to bring order, but many are cut down in Macbeth’s quest for power including King Duncan, his seemingly trustworthy companion Banquo, and even MacDuff’s wife and child. Will good rise above evil in the corrupted Big Easy, or will the Voodoo witches have their way?


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