GSU presenst Emmett Till

Murder of Emmett Till

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Grambling State University Theatre to present The State of Mississippi and the Face of Emmett Till by Mamie Till Mobley and David Barr III on Feb 23-26, 2011 at the Floyd L. Sandle Theatre, located in the Conrad Hutchinson Performing Arts Center.

The Department of Theatre Arts at Grambling State University is pleased to announce its production of The State of Mississippi and the Face of Emmett Till by Mamie Till Mobley and David Barr III.  The play chronicles the life and tragic death of Emmett Till and the struggle his mother endured in the fight for justice.  From Chicago to Money, Mississippi, the play does not miss a beat. It brings reality to the stage and forces the audience to recapture the hatred that was once a part of the life of the African-American.  Emmett’s death has often been credited for “sparking the modern day Civil Rights Movement.” 

Directed by Dr. King David Godwin, the cast consists of 12 talented GSU students.  The production staff consists of Hardy Bates as technical director, Teisha Lincoln and Dominic Shaw as costume designers, Hardy Bates as light designer, Deron James as sound designer, Kedrick Smith as prop master and Shamir Ellsworth as stage manager.  

The production runs Feb 23-26 at 7:00 PM each night. Advance admission ticket prices are $2 for students and $5 for general public; night of the performance admission ticket prices are $3 for students and $6 for general public.  Box office hours are Monday – Thursday 1:00pm-5:00pm.  For more information, please call Mrs. Modest (Box Office Manager) at 318 274-2201. 

Poster for upcoming production

Cast members include: Orlando Lewellen (Emmett Till) from Fort Worth, TX; Emmanuel Fortune (Willie Reed) from Houston, TX; Justin Madden (Roy Bryant and John Whitten) from Los Angeles, CA; Ashley Boston (Alma Spearman) from Grambling, LA; Patrick Johnnie Jr (Maurice) from Lafayette, LA; Andrea Beasley (Mamie Till Bradley) from San Ramon, CA; Reginald Robinson II (Henry Spearman) from Monroe, LA; Ashley Gordon (Carolyn Bryant) from Chicago, IL; Cedric Clarke (Moses Wright) from Long Beach, CA; DeShaun Doby (Rayner, Chatham, Eastland) from Brooklyn, NY; Haile Harrison (Wilkins) from Shreveport, LA; and Sheldon Scott (Dees, JW Milam) from Chicago, IL.


One thought on “GSU presenst Emmett Till

  1. The story of Emmett Till is an interestingly brutal depiction of malevolence.Nothing warrants such hate other than an unadulterated form of evil. Ecclesiastes 3 KJV tells us that God purposes everything under the heavens. Therefore, Emmett’s mother Mary was moved by God to give RACISM a physical face, that of her son. Because of the horrid details of his inexcusable murder, Mary, led in spirit, displayed the body in an open casket funeral. The display of what they did to this young child was and is ineffable. The natural legal justices cannot replace his life but the spiritual justice has reached the depths of the incarnate minds of those of us inclined to keep the message of the “futility of RACISM” alive as well as his playful spirit. Thank you for posting this story…It along with the story of what happened in Sumner, Florida in 1923 “Rosewood” & my personal experience with racism has become the workable quintessence of my LIFE” living in faith everyday” to epitomize PEACE, LOVE, HOPE, FAITH, MERCY, with GRACE all via GOD’s perpetual sapience no matter how the world beholds me. UNITY is therefore vital for the successful completion of solidarity across nations to allow the Face of Racism to become the Race to LOVE.

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