Art of Film: The Thin Man

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Come to the library for fantastic cookies and a mystery-comedy set during the holly jolly holidays; watch Nick and Nora Charles crack the case of The Thin Man!  Get ready for the Johnny Depp remake by watching the original film.  Join Lincoln Parish Library and NCLAC (North Central Louisiana Arts Council) at the screening of The Thin Man starring William Powell, Myrna Loy, and clever canine Asta for the series The Art of Film on Thursday, December 9 at 6pm in the Lincoln Parish Library Meeting Room.  Roger Ebert asserted that “William Powell is to dialogue as Fred Astaire is to dance.”  Noted film critic Pauline Kael called the movie “one of the most popular comedies ever made.  It started a new cycle…by demonstrating that a murder mystery could also be a sophisticated comedy.” Oscar-nominated for Best Picture, Writing, Actor, and Director, this great combination of murder and screwball comedy is so right it spawned five sequels. Attend the movie to help plan next year’s selections, enjoy the best homemade cookies ever (choices including Thin Man Mints and others), and hear fun trivia from the making of this picture included in the National Film Registry.  The Library of Congress preserves the Registry’s collection of important films.  Dashiell Hammett is the author of the book behind the movie.  Enjoy the movie preview and details available on  The Art of Film series is presented monthly and features trivia, themed treats, and popcorn.   For more information or to make suggestions for the series, call Megan Davenport at 513-6410 or visit  This program is free and open to the public.


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