KNOE TV 8 Reports on NCLAC

This morning at 10:45 am NCLAC received a call from Bakari Savage at KNOE, TV 8 News. He had read Monica Crowe’s editorial (NCLAC Needs Community’s Support) in the Monday, August 30th issue of the Ruston Daily Leader and was interested in our story.

Monica had heard about the recent cuts to the Louisiana Division of the Arts, State Arts Grants. Our entire category, which includes all arts organizations with budgets under $250,000, was eliminated this year. Monica’s article explains what the cuts have meant for NCLAC and how the community can support us.

When Bakari called this morning, he said he wanted to take this story further and arrived at the Dixie to interview Leigh Anne at 11:45 am. Bakari ended up talking with Leigh Anne, as well as with Nancy Wallace, who is a current Board Member, and Chris Dotson, the General Manager at 102 a bistro, NCLAC’s newest partners.

His story will air today at 5, 6, and 10 pm. Check it out! We are so excited to see it! Our hope is that this story will encourage the community to give to NCLAC. With community support, we can offset the state-level grant cuts. Thanks so much, Bakari!


One thought on “KNOE TV 8 Reports on NCLAC

  1. Lou Davenport Kavanaugh says:

    Bakari is a fine young man and a definate friend of the arts! SO glad HE covered this story for ya’ll!

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