Peach Art Exhibit Winners Announced


Dianne Douglas, Best in Show winner 2014

Dianne Douglas, Best in Show winner 2014

The North Central Louisiana Arts Council is proud to present the winners of the 28th Annual Peach Art Exhibit! For the Youth 9 & Under category, Honorable Mentions go to Starry Night Moon by Ben Boudreaux, Polka Dot Giraffe by Mia St. John, Aspens by Rebekah Webb; 3rd Place to Myself bySusie Welsh; 2nd Place to Thirsty Flowers by Valerie Chatellier; 1st Place to A Messy Room by Andy Lynn.

For the Youth 10 to 13 category, Honorable Mentions go to Calla Lilies by Olivia Roger, Spring Has Arrived! by Destiny Bearden; 3rd Place toKing of the Desert by Jamie Palmer; 2nd Place to Apple Still Life by Lyndsay Claire Hogg; 1st Place to Neon Polly by Leah Price.

For the Youth 14 to 17 category, Honorable Mentions go to Amber Waves of Grain by Rachel Lee, Les Aristocrats by Vivien Ballard; 3rd Place toPuppy Love by Leanna Epps; 2nd Place to Serendipity by Kathryn A. Bryan; 1st Place to Bengal Tiger by Morgan McCullin.

And the Best of Show for the Youth goes to Lauren Hartt, for her drawing Charlie.

Some of the Youth Winners in NCLAC's 2014 Peach Art Exhibit

Some of the Youth Winners in NCLAC’s 2014 Peach Art Exhibit

For the Adult Miscellaneous category, Honorable Mentions go to Pulp, a handmade bookby Frank Hamrick, Purple Lotus, a digital paintingby Sherry Owens; 3rd Place to Leaving for La Foce, a mixed media piece by Kit Gilbert; 2nd Place to Reevaluation, a collageby Meredith McGregor; 1st Place to Life Cycle (Worm Rest), a printby Hillary Clary.

For the Adult Original Crafts category, the Honorable Mention go to The Agate Sisters, a ornamental glass pieceby Betsy Gouedy; 3rd Place to Papa’s Memory, a collage of weathered wood by Lana Benson; 2nd Place to Lewellyan’s Fallen Oak, a natural wood tableby Patrick Blanchard; 1st Place to Origami Crane, a metal sculptureby Morgan McGough.

For the Adult Photography category, Honorable Mentions go to The Gulls by Kori Teague, Blue Abyss by Shawn Hood; 3rd Place to Spearsville, LA, April 2014 by Laila Al-Agha; 2nd Place to Peaceful Fall by Kevin Beasley; 1st Place to Smooth Respite at 86th Street by Kevin Cuccia.

For the Adult Painting category, Honorable Mentions go to Metamorphosis by Rebecca Bennett, Old Pottery by SC Hartt; 3rd Place to Peaceful Place by Connie Bryan; 2nd Place to Pecan and Shell by Peter Jones; 1st Place to Moon and Rocks by Marlen Waters.

For the Adult Drawing category, 3rd Place goes to Vase of Flowers by Deondray Spivey; 2nd Place to Zentangle by Marlen Waters; 1st Place to Mike by SC Hartt.

And the Adult Best of Show goes to Dianne Douglas, for her watercolor Ponchatoulas.

Congratulations to all the wonderful artists on display. The show will be in the Ruston Civic Center until Saturday June 28. Artists should remember to pick up their artwork on Monday, June 30, between 10am-12pm when the show is over.

Masur Museum, with artist Greely Myatt

Here are the details about the upcoming visit and exhibition by Memphis artist Greely Myatt at the Masur Museum. This is an exhibition not to miss! All the programs take place at the Masur Museum of Art, 1400 South Grand Street in Monroe. For more info call 318.329.2237

Not Again?!                          

Greely Myatt--photo by Jim Weber, from

Greely Myatt–photo by Jim Weber, from


Work by Greely Myatt

On View July 2 – October 11, 2014


Studio 318 with Greely Myatt:

Special Patrons and Board Event in June:

Members with a Single Patron Membership or higher will be contacted with the details.

Members’ Reception and Artist’s Talk:

September 18, 2014

6:00 to 8:00 pm

Open to all members of the Masur Museum of Art.

Community Art Project:

September 19, 2014

3:30 to 5:30 pm

Open to the public, FREE admission. Come help Greely Myatt with an interactive crowd sourced work of art. Any visitor is welcome to contribute to this project throughout the whole exhibition, but Greely Myatt will be available at this time to lead the project himself. Visit with the artist while helping create a work of art for the exhibition.

Studio and Professional Practices Lecture by Greely Myatt:  

September 19, 2014

5:45 to 6:30 pm

Open to the public, FREE admission.

Artist’s Bio: Greely Myatt was born in Mississippi in 1952. His earliest experiences with art were intuitive, improvised with everyday materials, and well outside the auspices of an educational institution. These formative experiences continue to drive his art-making approach. He is the Sculpture Program Coordinator for the Department of Art at the University of Memphis. Myatt holds an MFA from the University of Mississippi, Oxford, and a BFA from Delta State University, Cleveland, Mississippi.

In a way Not Again?! is a homecoming for Greely Myatt. The second solo exhibition of his career took place at the Masur in 1979. Since then he and the Masur have grown a great deal. Not Again?! is also a fitting metaphor for thinking about Myatt’s studio practice. He is interested in the cyclical nature of life and symbols. Myatt often gives found objects and well-worn cultural cues new life while making art. His subject matter varies drastically from a painstakingly realistic depiction of an ice cream cone dropped mid-lick to an esoteric examination of how the Underground Railroad used quilt patterns to communicate in code. As a result viewing this exhibition is like life itself and runs the gamut from humor to tragedy; sometimes simultaneously (if you like ice cream). Specific subject matter aside, Myatt is most interested in communication as the theme within his work. He constructs art much like an author writes a sentence. In a sense, his materials provide a vocabulary and the means of fabrication becomes the punctuation that holds his work together; giving it a particular emphasis or sensibility. His titles often convey specific ideas about a work of art’s intended meaning, but as with most things it is up for debate. When different elements of a particular work of art are examined, things can change.

Not Again ?! will feature several new works of art including one site specific installation in the River Galleries. Myatt has exhibited his art in many venues including the Alexandria Museum of Art, Alexandria, Louisiana; The Contemporary Art Center, Atlanta, Georgia; Frist Art Center, Nashville, Tennessee; Hunter College, New York, New York; Honolulu Academy of Art, Honolulu, Hawaii; Institute of Contemporary Art Boston, Boston, Massachusetts; Memphis Brooks Museum of Art, Memphis, Tennessee; Portland Contemporary Art Center, Portland, Oregon; The Running Horse Contemporary Art Space, Beirut, Lebanon; The University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

A N(ick)LAC Post – Claiborne Jubilee

Another week has passed, my second as an intern with NCLAC, and I’ve begun to slowly become accustomed to things. I returned to the office Monday to help with the newsletters we’re getting ready to mail to our members, and while I was there I realized that that was around my fifth time inside the Dixie. I have lived in Ruston my entire life, have passed by the building countless times, but rarely have I actually been inside and seen the art display in the front, the stage and the seats. It was only just reopened in the late 90s, but still, I think I’ve done a disservice to myself by not coming here more often. It really is a beautiful place.

Also, I began reaching out to other parishes as part of NCLAC’s community outreach to see if we could help in any way. I reached out to Ms. Cynthia Steele, a nice lady who helps run the Claiborne Jubilee, an annual arts and crafts event in Claiborne Parish where they celebrate the art and artists of their parish. I could tell she was very enthusiastic about art, and she loved speaking with me about NCLAC, who is just as passionate as she is about helping bring art to the community. Currently she has been trying to set up a few classes with their local Boys and Girls Club, one of the classes featuring sewing and woodworking, as well as a program where the participants take “useless” items such as aluminum foil and transform them into art.

Claiborne Jubilee

Claiborne Jubilee

Learning that Ms. Steele does this for her community is enlightening because there are probably more people who do the same for their community. With that in mind combined with the summer usually being pretty eventful, there is a lot to look forward to.