Wildwood Express Is Saturday!

This week’s Art Talk Monday is by John Emory, Jr., Programming Director for the Dixie Center for the Arts.

One of our biggest Dixie Center events is right around the corner.  On Saturday, April 12, the ninth annual Joe Woods Widwood Express Showcase will take the historic stage at 6:00pm.  We celebrate the life and legacy of Joe as we bring back band members who played in his original band and singers who often have a tie to Joe, and always a tie to the music he performed at the Dixie Theater every Saturday night.

Joe Woods was the one who kept the Dixie open when many had walked away from the theater that is truly Ruston.  Joe was determined to provide good family entertainment and great music for our community.  Many of those who were regulars in the shows are gone now, but their memoires are always around us in the theater that we all love.

Joe Woods

Joe Woods

The tribute show began as a fundraiser for the Dixie but it’s much more than that.  The venue, music and the people on the stage and in the audience represent all that is good in us.  Much credit is due those who make sure the presentation is a success year after year.  Mildred May who supported Joe and the orginal band from day one continues to raise money for the Dixie.  Mary Ann Woods gives much of her time and talent to producing the show with a spirit of kindness and warmth making everyone feel welcome and at home.  One of the busiest men I know is Travis Woods, but he sets aside time each year to promote the showcase and orchestrate an experience that we simply can’t miss.

A genuine commitment to the needs of others was always found in Joe Woods and the Wildwood Express Band.  Joe encouraged young people he met through the Ruston Police Department and also raised the self-esteem of adults and children by giving them a place to share their musical talent. Joe and the band, joined by loyal patrons,  could be found raising money for medical emergencies, in addition to special Christmas shows for children, giving each child a gift of fruit from Santa. Joe’s spirit of giving and community support live’s on in the Dixie Center for the Arts today.

Join us Saturday night as we pay tribute to Joe Woods and continue his dream of providing family entertainment in North Louisiana.

To reserve tickets call Libby at 255-1450 or drop by Dixie at 212 North Vienna in  beautiful downtown Ruston. Tickets are $15


NCLAC would like to take a moment to thank one of our continuous supporters, Patricia Willis and The Children’s Shoppe, for her donation to our annual Silent Auction. The shop’s name was inadvertently left out of our thank you article in February. Thanks, Patricia!


All Because of Agatha

  RCT Unveils Witchy Comedy

All Because of Agatha

By Hilary Hileman

Ruston Community Theatre’s next production, the witty comedy All Because of Agatha, written by playwright Jonathan Troy, will debut at The Dixie Center for the rctArts on May 1st and run through May 4th and is sponsored by Woodard & Clement Law Offices.

In All Because of Agatha, set in 1974, Duff and Joan O’Hara relocate from California to Salem, Massachusetts.  The historical property the real estate agent shows them has a suspiciously low price. They learn that in 1692 Agatha Forbes, accused of witchcraft, was burned to death right where the house sits, but before she died she swore she would come back every year on that date and terrorize the occupants right out the front door. In short, the house was haunted. Joan, a big fan of the occult, thinks that a resident witch is a great, challenging addition to the house and she persuades Duff that this is the perfect place for them. So of course Joan plans a party for the September date when Agatha will allegedly appear.

The cast includes actors Anna Alexander, Debbie Allen, Kevin Cuccia, Dusty Hampton, Hilary Hileman, Brenda Mitchell, Dixie Mitchell, Heather Peterson, Terry Stepp and Michael Tannerhill.

After All Because of Agatha, Ruston Community Theatre has one remaining production for the season: The award-winning musical The Sound of Music, which will run from July 10-13. Tickets at the door are $12 for adults and $6 for students/children. Visit RCT’s website at www.rctruston.org, on Facebook at www.facebook/RustonCommunityTheatre, and on Twitter @RustonCoTheatre.

The Horizontal Line…At The Carriage House

One of our artist members, Patricia Tait Jones, is holding a class at her wonderful art space, Carriage House Art. See the details below:

The Horizontal Line: Exploring the Landscape

This class is designed to push the experienced (mid level) painter and to introduce the novice to beginning and finishing a painting. All levels will be accommodated in this workshop.

Painting will be done en plein air in the neighborhood of The Carriage House. We are outside not because there is any advantage in subject matter, but because there is an urgency and immediacy to painting where the light is changing and time is moving.

Emphasizing loose and direct painting, alla prima that shakes us from our preconceived rituals, and put us solidly into the moment.

An advantage of this is we become more child like and learn experimentation and play…no “finished trophy” paintings.

Just continuing our journey through painting.  The horizontal line in sight…

Instructor:  Patricia Tait Jones

Registration:  Class size is 8. Reserve your space early. Ensure your space now with a $100 deposit. Payment of the remaining $150 is due by April 10, 2014

Material list will be given to each member when signing up for the class.

Carriage House Art

April 25-27, Fee $ 250

Friday 4:00 – 7:00

Saturday 10:00 – 6:00

Sunday 10:00 -12:00


101 E. Maryland

Ruston, LA 71270


Carriage House Art

Carriage House Art